Resume Dos and Don’ts!


Make the First Part of Your Resume “Employer-Centric.”

What can you do for THEM? What do you have to offer? Who are you?

Be a Quick Read!

Make sure your resume is powerful and to the point.

Use Lots of White Space.

White space gives your resume better readability.

Use Bullets Instead of Paragraphs.

  • Like this.

Always Be Honest.

Honesty is the best policy.


Don’t Have Typos or Grammatical Mistakes.


Do Not Use a Controversial or Witty Email Address.

Always use a professional email address. i.e., not


If there are gaps of employment, you should be able to provide an explanation.


Age, hobbies, race, how many children you have – NONE of that is going to help you obtain an interview.

Resume Tip

A well-built resume will help you best market yourself to a potential employer or recruiter. Always be professional, benefit-focused and action-oriented in your word choice.

Interview Dos and Don’ts!


Dress Appropriately for the Industry.

Make a great first impression.

Be Prepared.

Know the exact date, time and location of the interview.

Be an Early Bird.

Arrive ten minutes early.

Be Professional.

Be courteous and polite to everyone you encounter.

Offer a Firm Handshake.

Don’t forget to make eye contact.

Have Intelligent Questions Prepared.

And be responsive when asked a question.

Take Notes.

It shows you are interested and paying attention.


Don’t Be Negative.

Speak only positively by previous employers.

Don’t Act Desperate.

Don’t Chew Gum or Smell Like Cigarette Smoke.

Don’t Bring Your Cell Phone Into the Interview.

Nothing is more important than making a great first impression. Leave it in the car.

Interview Tip

Body language can say a lot about you. Don’t rub, touch or pick your nose. Don’t shake your legs or fidget – stay calm and cool. Don’t cross your arms across your chest. Don’t slouch in your seat – sit tall and straight.

Most importantly, remember it’s a job interview, not an interrogation by the CIA. Be yourself & be confident.